Dr. Dimpna C. Albert

Dr. Dimpna C. Albert
Chairman of the Local Organising Committee

“… Multidisciplinary approach… the right way to go forward…”

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is an honour to welcome you to the 53rd Annual Meeting for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology (AEPC 2019) taking place from May 15th to 18th in Seville, Spain.

Seville has been one of Spain’s most important cities since ancient times. After America’s Discovery, it became centre of Spanish economy, as its port monopolised the trans-oceanic trade. Seville – puerto y puerta de Indias (port and gateway of the Indies) – quickly transformed into one of the biggest, richest and most cosmopolitan cities on earth. In recent era, due to the Expo ’92 international exhibition (1992) that brought the city millions of visitors, Seville experienced a resurge in all aspects but specially in infrastructures, that can be seen in its eight new bridges across the Guadalquivir river and AVE high speed train that connects to Madrid.

Over the last 50 years our specialties have not only demonstrated an evolution, but even a revolution of diagnostic and interventional techniques, neonates and adult congenital surgery, training management and society influence. Our Congress has been the perfect place to visualize this progress. The city of Seville has all the qualities it takes to guarantee a successful AEPC Annual Meeting and we consider that with the famous Seville atmosphere, we could help in the continuous improvement of our specialties

As many of you already know, Juan V. Comas received the suggestion, from some of you, to recommend Seville as venue for the AEPC 2019. After his untimely death many of us felt devastated, not only for the loss of an excellent cardiac surgeon, but also of a friend. Juan promoted the cooperation between cardiac surgeons and cardiologists in several ways, as AEPC Councilor and all along his professional career, being, as he was, a foremost figure in both disciplines: congenital cardiac surgery and paediatric cardiology. After reflecting on the situation for some time, the members of currently team prepared the bid for Seville in memory of Juan.

The Scientific Program includes multidisciplinary approach to the field of Paediatric and Congenital Heart Disease, the right way to step forward. There will be an important emphasis on latest developments and innovations, but at the same time, focusing on basic and advanced educational opportunities, targeting in junior specialists, trainees, nurses and students. Highlights will include the Update Course on Left ventricle Diseases, and there will be expert invited lectures, exciting sessions of the AEPC Working Groups, interactive sessions and abstracts sessions.

Moreover, we kindly invite you to enjoy the congress programme and to visit the exhibition and the Satellite sessions supported by sponsoring companies.

We think also that in Seville with a new Convention Centre (FIBES II), our group of professionals are confident that the event will offer you an exciting learning opportunity and is capable to construct a serious and successful 53rd European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology in 2019.

We will be delighted and honoured if we could discover together the Spanish Experience.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Seville!

Warm regards,


Dr. Dimpna C. Albert
Chairman of the Local Organising Committee

In memory of Juan V. Comas, AEPC Councilor, Congenital Heart Surgery
(exitus June 16, 2015)
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